Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 17, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Gets Three New DLC Packs

Usually when a company releases DLC for its games it does it one at a time. Square Enix didn’t appear to get that memo, however, as they’ve released three DLC packs yesterday. What’s more, the packs are pretty cheap, or even free!

The Street Racer pack is the most expensive one at $4 (320 MS Points). In the Street Racer pack you’ll get three new races on land and sea: Kamikaze, Cross Island Enduro, and Harbor Run. You’ll also get the Sting racing bike and a Dragon outfit.

The Tactical Soldier pack is a measly $2 (160 MS Points), and gives you the assault rifle aka “the game’s most powerful and destructive weapon”. Also included in the Tactical Soldier pack is the best armor of the game, the Tactical outfit, meaning you can go on a one man spree of destruction and not have to worry about getting killed in the middle of it! The last pack, the Community Gift pack, is free, and in it you get a t-shirt from United Front Games, a UFG-themed compact car, and a luchador mask. I’m not quite so sure to make out of that last bit of content there…


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