Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 19, 2012

Strike Suit Zero Launch Date Announced

There’s this game that I’ve sort of been silently following on Kickstarter called Strike Suit Zero, and it’s finally got a launch date. On January 24th early next year we’ll finally get our hands on this amazing-looking game and I can’t wait. The Kickstarter has ended at $174,804, which is an amazing $74k over the initial $100k goal.

Strike Suit Zero takes players into space with amazing ships, locations, and the ability to transform those ships into walking mechs of greatness. The game offers frantic space combat that centers the player in massive fleet battles. With the press of a button players can go from soaring through space in a traditional fighter to a totally badass suit of space armor ready to rip a hole in anything that moves.

Born Ready Games have put their heart and soul into this new game and they’re just as excited to bring it to players as we are to play it. The studio’s boss James Brooksby formally thanked everyone who participated in backing the project saying, “We are truly grateful for all the support we’ve received and above all else want to thank the community. Their support has meant we’re now able to make the game we’d always envisioned, and we can’t wait for our fans to get their hands on it.”

The closing fund amount means that the project met its first stretch goal, which will offer XedMod, a version of the toolset used to make the game, to the community. Strike Suit Zero looks like a ton of fun and I’m glad it was able to meet its goals. I’m definitely looking forward to playing it, and Born Ready plans to release console versions later next year.


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