Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 28, 2012

Wii U’s TVii Coming To Japan In Early December

If there’s one problem people have had with their TV’s, cable boxes, DVD players, etc. it’s that there are too many remote controls. And while you can buy a universal remote control for all those products, the fact remains that many times they aren’t that good. Luckily, Nintendo has a solution: the Nintendo TVii service.

The service makes use of the GamePad, and allows you to not only turn on and off your TV and cable box, but also change channels, control volume, and most importantly in my opinion, switch between different inputs. It’ll also allow you to browse television programming and let you look at a synopsis for a program. For US and European folks, the TVii app will be free, although it won’t be available until sometime early next year.

Japan’s got it a bit better. Though the console is coming out a few weeks later, on December 8th, the TVii app will be available at launch. Unfortunetly, that app won’t be free, costing 100 yen. That’s about the equivalent of $1.21.


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