Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 12, 2012

Square Enix Reveals Star Galaxy, But Don’t Get Too Excited

For several days now, Square Enix has had a teaser countdown page up on their site, with the promise of a brand new IP being revealed. Early this morning, that timer reached zero, and we were presented with the words Star Galaxy, and a lot of other words in Japanese that I can’t read. Thankfully, Google was happy to translate some of the text for me, and answer the question “What is the game Star Galaxy?”

“Star Galaxy” is a simulation strategy game that takes place in the galaxy.

Enhance the military to develop the territory of planet that is home to organize our officers were brought up to their liking, emergency, fighting to the sector.

In cooperation with the friendly, self-force will lead to victory.

That’s right folks, we finally have a game set in “the galaxy.” If I had to put a name to the galaxy, I’d probably go with “Star Galaxy.” It looks like they are currently accepting beta testers for the game, but you will need a Yahoo Japan account in order to play (and likely at least a basic understanding of the Japanese language).

For those of you getting excited at a new game set in “the galaxy”, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it is most likely also set in your browser. At the bottom of the page is a note letting you know that you’ll need an up-to-date browser, and the latest version of Flash to play.


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