Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 6, 2012

The First Major Halo 4 Tournament Is Coming

343 Industries has just announced that they’re partnering with Virgin Mobile to host the first major Halo 4 tournament, something they’re calling the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge. This tournament is free-to-enter, and is to take place during the month-long break from the Spartan Ops series.

If you want to enter the tournament and try to snag one of the 2,800 prizes, you can sign up online. One of those sweet prizes is a Ford Raptor truck that’s been custom-designed by 343 themselves. This special piece of UNSC mobile armor will go to the player who takes the top spot of the War Games leaderboard, and did I mention it’s totally sweet?

Launching on December 17th, the tournament will consist mainly of Slayer rounds, where it’s much easier to keep track of win score. Spartan Ops will be a part of the event as well, and the grand prize for that will be an appearance in a future Halo game. Who wouldn’t want in on that? This event will launch just in time to test out the Crimson Map pack, which will be used during the tournament. You’d better train your rifles and get ready to crack some skulls. That Raptor is seriously awesome, and I want it.


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