Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 15, 2013

Next-Gen Sony And Microsoft Consoles May Be Revealed Near GDC [Rumor]

Many people are salivating at the prospects of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and with the release of the Wii U late last year it’s no wonder that we’re hearing more and more rumors about these machines. Many people are assuming that the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles are going to come out this year, but we haven’t even officially heard a thing about the consoles themselves yet, only rumors! Well, here’s another rumor for you: it looks like both companies are preparing to reveal their next consoles around the Game Developers Conference in late March.

Of course, that begs the question “why not wait to reveal the console at E3?” It’s simple, really: Sony and Microsoft aren’t going to want to compete for headline space with other companies when it comes to something of this magnitude. However, that doesn’t mean the companies won’t be using E3 to show off their new hardware. Indeed, the press conference will be merely the appetizer, to get people interested in the new consoles, and E3 will likely end up being the main course, where many different gamers and the press will get their chance to mess with the systems up close and personal.

What’s interesting is that besides the rumor that we’ll be hearing the first official word of the new consoles come March, there’s also been some noise about the release date with the new PlayStation. It appears that Sony doesn’t want to be last out of the gate this time around, though it remains to be seen about when they’d release their new console. With that being said, however, it’s possible that we might see a console come out before November, for once, if that’s the case.


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