Posted by Derek Smith on Jan 7, 2013

Razer Announces Next Controller – Razer Sabertooth (X360/PC)


Razer continues to make headway into console gaming. Last year, Razer entered the console sphere with their Xbox 360 pad, the Razer Onza and the Razer Onza Tournament Edition. Sporting adjustable resistance systems for the analog sticks (on the TE), two multi-function buttons, a precision D-Pad (often a complaint about the stock Xbox 360 pad), and a host of other features, the Onza endeavored to be to the professional gamer what the stock Xbox 360 controller could not be. Finally, the Onza’s successor has arrived in the form of the Razer Sabertooth.

The Sabertooth looks like someone grabbed an Onza, made everything about it even more awesome, and released it to the world. There are a whole host of features which make the Sabertooth a fierce entry to a market with such stiff competition as MadCatz and PDP. Razer has included an OLED screen with a wide variety of functionality. The OLED screen allows for programming of the multi-function buttons, changing settings for things like rumble and backlight, as well as including a test mode for the analog sticks to ensure proper functioning.

The two shoulder multi-function buttons from the Onza make a return, but this time they bring friends. There are four removable multi-function buttons on the back face of the controller. These come in the form of two rocking switches that are fully programmable. Don’t want to pull your thumbs away from that right or left analog stick to hit the jump? Remap it to one of these switches. The Sabertooth also includes a one-up to the standard face buttons. Hyperesponse, fully backlit face buttons grace the front of the controller. The precision D-Pad also makes a reappearance on the Sabertooth, which is something all gamers should be able to appreciate.

Having consulted both casual and professional gamers while developing the Sabertooth, Razer has once again taken the word of the community to heart. These gamers were asked to give feedback about the Onza and about what types of things they would improve in future Razer controllers. The Sabertooth proves that Razer is in it for the gamers.


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