Posted by Marianne Miller on Feb 7, 2013

First Look At Neverwinter: Dungeons and Dragons!

Yesterday, Perfect World allowed for the press to early access to an exclusive beta for their upcoming MMO, Neverwinter: Dungeons and Dragons.  Myself and Caitlyn Muncy of the GamerFront staff were able to log in and check it out for just over an hour, and were able to upload the footage below if you were interested in a more hands-on look at the game.

For those who’d rather a written summary because you’re checking this at work and can’t risk the noise (tsk, tsk), Neverwinter takes place in a fantasy world involving Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and half-elves/lings as character choices.  Players have a fair amount of customization options and are able to select a diety to worship and a background for those interested in the potential roleplaying aspects that frequent these sorts of games.

Neverwinter: Dungeons and Dragons features several things in the beta not common in MMOs–interactive scenery and in-game voice chat are just a few.  As far as combat goes, players must click for every attack, and hotkeyed abilities are also present.  Several talent trees are available, mounts and compainions can be acquired at certain levels, and during a brief announcement stream, it was also announced that the game would support 5v5 PVP matches.

The game will be opening up for player beta from February 8-10, March 8-10, and March 22-24.  Those interested in joining the beta (or learning more about the game in general) should check out Neverwinter’s FAQ, located here.

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