Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 26, 2013

Former Infinity Ward Heads To Be At E3 This Year

Vince Zampella and Jason West, the former heads of Infinity Ward, will be at E3 this year with their new development company, Respawn Entertainment. As some of you may remember, the duo had originally founded Infinity Ward and worked with them until they were fired in 2010 by Activision. After suing Activision and starting a long, drawn out court case, a settlement for an undisclosed amount was reached, one that apparently made the plaintiffs very happy.

Now that that nasty business is over they can get back to making games. Though it’s not exactly known as to what kind of game is being developed (nor are they saying anything), Respawn does intend to have something to show at E3. According to Vince Zampella’s Twitter, “I have no intention of showing up empty handed! I can’t say anything else right now.”

We’ll find out what’s going on soon enough, though. E3 is happening on the week of June 10, and you can bet that we’ll have a few of our own staff members there to find out what is going in gaming world, and that includes Respawn. Rest assured, it’ll definitely be something interesting!


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