Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 7, 2013

Latest SimCity Update Hopes To Relieve Traffic Congestion

EA and Maxis knows that SimCity’s reputation is most likely beyond repair at this point, but that’s not stopping them from trying to fix the game. After releasing the 2.0 update just a little over two weeks ago, Maxis has announced that they’re releasing the 3.0 patch this week. Again, like the last patch, this update isn’t really adding much of anything, but rather its focused on making the game more enjoyable by fixing bugs and other quirks.

This time, the 3.0 update is focusing on traffic-related issues. The routing system has been updated to improve traffic flow by being able to process information about u-turns, required vehicle stops, and so forth more efficiently. Commercial and industrial buildings are also now staggering their work shifts to “start throughout commute hours instead of the top of the hour”, and there’s also a brand new feature added to cars: the ability to turn right on red.

Will the 3.0 update fix things, or will it just break more of the game? It certainly looks like it’s going to do a lot, and will likely have a huge effect on what happens with the game. However, while the game still forces a constant internet connection and limits people to small plots of land to build a city on, people all over are still not going to be happy. Not that they don’t have a right to complain.


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