Posted by Marianne Miller on Jun 11, 2013

Sony Announces Possible Co-Op Steampunk Shooter [E3 2013]

During the Sony E3 conference yesterday, Ready At Dawn showed the trailer for its newest game and IP, and its sure to have Steampunk enthusiasts squirm in excitement.

It’s called The Order: 1886 and takes place in Victorian England.  The trailer features four protagonists with large weapons riding in a horse-driven carriage.  They stop suddenly and are forced to face-off with what looks to be werewolves darting through the mist.  The dynamic hints at a co-operative approach to the game, similar to Left 4 Dead, but no gameplay or mention of how it would play were made.  Watch the trailer for yourself below!

No release date yet, but the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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