Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 28, 2013

Microsoft May Be Looking At Nov. 8th Release Date

So far most the great mysteries involving the Xbox One and PS4 have been solved. For instance, we know that the Xbox One will cost $499, and the PS4 $399. The Xbox One will come with a Kinect in box. And we know the PS4’s release date, November 15th for North America, and November 29th for the rest of the world. The one big piece of the puzzle we don’t have yet, however, is the Xbox One’s release date.

All we know is that it’s slated to come out this November, just in time for the holiday season. And according to a person who works for Walmart’s marketing company, it looks like the release date for the Xbox One could very well be November 8th. That would put the system out a whole week earlier than the PS4.

Of course, this date has yet to be confirmed, but it would make sense for all the right reasons. For one, it would put the console out a few weeks before Black Friday, and more importantly, it would have the console and its various games and accessories out in time for the holiday season. Not only that, but it would also give them a weeks head start on the PS4, and while most people aren’t going to be convinced to buy one console over another because of a weeks difference, there will undoubtedly be some folks with less patience and more money that might jump at the opportunity. Hopefully we’ll hear from Microsoft before too long, and see if this date is correct or not.


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