Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 3, 2013

More Proof Seems To Emerge That Valve Is Working On Half Life 3

When it comes to Half Life 3, people will take the flimsiest piece of “evidence” from Valve and declare that it is definitive proof that they are indeed working on the game. This game has been going on for years, though it appears that there is finally some proof that Valve is at least thinking about Half Life 3, as they filed a trademark for the game last weekend. But does a trademark filing really mean anything? Couldn’t it just be Valve playing things safe by protecting their interests?

Actually, if what some Redditors have discovered is true, it looks like Half Life 3 might really be in production after all. They found that if you look in Valve’s internal project management software you’ll find that they’ve added categories for “Half Life 3” and “Half Life 3 Core“. Since they discovered this information, however, the site seems to have been taken offline.

So, while Valve might not be saying anything officially, at the very least it looks like they’re definitely doing something with Half Life 3. It’ll probably be awhile until we even hear anything about the game, let alone play it. With that being said, I leave you with this picture.

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