Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 8, 2013

GameStop Hosting PS4 Pre-Launch Event November 10th

Nearly everybody is getting excited about the PS4! From gamers, to developers, and of course the stores that sell the systems and the games, it’s pretty easy to see that everybody is ready for something new, something big. About the only people I can think of that might not be so looking forward to the PS4 would be Microsoft and the poor folks who have to keep the store open overnight for people to pick up their new consoles at midnight!

If you’re thinking about trading in your old console in order to pay off your PS4, you might just want to wait until Sunday. That’s because on November 10th GameStop’s all over will be hosting a special pre-launch PS4 event. While some (if not all) stores will undoubtedly have a PS4 for you to play with, all of these stores will be featuring extra in-store credit for any trade-ins!

If you’re trading in your games, accessories, and other stuff like that you can expect to see an extra 30%, as long as you’re applying it to a PS4 pre-order, either new or one you’ve already had. The biggest deals, however, come from trading in your old hardware. You’ll get an extra 90% in store credit if you trade in that old console and apply it to the PS4 pre-order. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!


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