Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 9, 2013

Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen Has Raised $34 Million!

If you’ve been following Chris Roberts and his pet project Star Citizen then you might know that the game has really been raising a lot of money lately. How much money, you might ask? Try over $34 million, all of it from donations from regular, everyday folks like you and me!

By raising the $34 million, Robers Space Industries has reached another fundraising goal. This time they will be adding in a ship that you can get in-game that won’t be some giant capital ship, or a nimble fighter, but rather it’s meant to be used as a smuggler ship. It’s got plenty of hidden nooks and crannies, along with other technologies that hide what it is you can really be hauling!

So what’s next forStar Citizen and Chris Roberts this month? Well, they’re planning on launching a couple of patches to their Hangar module that will add in the ability to test out your weapons on targets and give you something to play with until the Dogfighting module is active. There’s still a ton of work to do for what might be the greatest space-sim game of all time!


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