Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 4, 2013

Sony Announces They’ve Sold 2.1 Million PS4s Since November 15

For a console that’s only been out for a little over half a month, the PS4 is really doing quite well for itself. After all, over a million were sold on day one in North America at its November 15th launch, and since then it’s only been getting better. The UK, for example, saw the biggest launch for a console ever when it sold 250k PS4s in the first 48 hours it was available, shattering previous records.

So how many PS4s have been sold since then, eh? According to Sony’s President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House, over 2.1 million consoles have been sold. And really, that’s a staggering number for many different reasons.

The popularity of the console isn’t really in doubt, seeing that over 80 million PS3s and Xbox 360s each were sold, but the fact that Sony has been able to churn out so many consoles for the launch is what’s surprising. It’ll be interesting to see what numbers Microsoft has in regards to the Xbox One. After all, they also sold a million consoles in its first day, but since then word has been a bit mum about how many they’ve since sold.


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