Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 13, 2014

Microsoft Announces 1TB Xbox One

PC’s have had hard drives measured in terabytes since around 2007. However, consoles haven’t enjoyed that same treatment. While that wasn’t always a problem, many games need to be installed on the console to be played, and a small hard drive means you start having to decide which games you want to leave installed, and which ones to delete. And we gamers don’t like having to wait around to re-install a game months down the road.

Sony has been kind enough in the last two generations to allow users to swap out the factory-installed drive for a larger (or faster) drive without much hassle. Unfortunately Microsoft hasn’t been so generous to their customers. However, for those that do need more space on their console, they did just announce the first console to come with a 1TB hard drive out of the box.

The newest flavor of Xbox One comes in the form of a special edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare promotion. For $499 you’ll get a specially-skinned Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive, and a digital Day Zero edition of the game, along with in-game bonuses like a custom exoskeleton, a digital personalization pack, and the Advanced Arsenal.




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