Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 13, 2014

Xbox One Will Finally Play Videos From Flash Drives

One of my biggest complaints about the Xbox One has nothing to do with playing games, or how annoying my friends can be around the Kinect. Rather, it’s the inability for this console to play video files from a flash drive. My Xbox 360 could do this right from the start, and it came out in 2005. Why is it so hard for a console released in 2013 to do it? What’s worse, is that the Xbox 360 was hardly designed as a media device, while Microsoft pushed the One as the only device you need in your living room.

Yesterday, Major Nelson announced a number of updates that are coming to the Xbox One later this month, including the ability to play media files from a flash drive. By the end of the year, the new app will also support streaming from DLNA-enabled media servers, and will even play mkv files, and a host of others that the 360 didn’t support.

Most of the other updates are also media-centric, and are nice additions. However, I’m still disappointed that it took this long to put some of the more basic features that their previous console supported.




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