Posted by Kat on Sep 10, 2008

Christian anti-Spore website is overly angry for odd reasons


Everyone by now has likely seen the excessively racy yet hilarious penis monsters that have been created in Spore. When one hears about a Christian anti-Spore website you might think that they were angry about the monsters being created. Well shockingly no, as a matter of fact they have no problem showing all of the uncensored penis monsters, so if you need a laugh you can see a few on their website. So you might be wondering what the hell the guy’s problem is. Well actually he thinks Spore is teaching kids to believe in evolution. Here I thought it was a great outlet for kids to use their creative minds constructively. He also tends to think that Will Wright is basically the equivalent of Satan’s little helper. If you’d like a good laugh you can check out the hilarious anti-Spore website here. Also sadly, from what I can tell, no this site’s not a joke. They’re actually serious.


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