Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Sep 11, 2008

EA Unveils Crysis Warhead PC From Ultra

Crysis Warhead PC

EA has promised us that the next Crysis title won’t be nearly as power-hungry as the original. To further prove their point they announced that they would be offering a gaming PC for under $700 that would run the game efficiently. We’ve been curious exactly what sort of specs this gaming rig would sport, and today EA has revealed them.

Looking over the components, this should be a decent gaming rig for someone in need of an upgrade. I’d have liked to see a little beefier CPU like an E8400, however, EA insists that this setup will allow you to play Crysis Warhead on with all of the options set to their highest at 30fps. Of course I suspect that this is on a clean install with no additional processes running.

What is really curious here is that they’ve chosen to install Windows XP Pro, rather than Vista. So what EA is doing is providing a computer that runs the game at 30fps on max settings, just minus that little DirectX 10 thing.


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