Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Oct 13, 2008

Diablo III Gets A New Logo

Remember back when the first screenshots of Diablo III were released? There were a lot of gamers upset about the new, brighter look of the game, which the guys over at Blizzard defended. Personally, I think a larger color pallet was a good idea, as it allows them to add in levels of detail that couldn’t otherwise be achieved. Regardless of what your thoughts are on it, Blizzard isn’t changing their stance. If anything, they’re going to make things even lighter and more colorful.  Just take a look at the official Diablo III logo, pictured above.

No, that’s not the official Diablo III logo from Blizzard, but it is their logo. This was spotted recently at Blizzcon on the shirt of a Blizz staffer. If there’s enough demand for one, they may offer these shirts up for sale. Remember, it takes a real man to wear a shirt with unicorns.


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