Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 18, 2008

EA Substitutes Wii Graphics For 360 Footage In Tiger Woods Commercial

I am a Wii owner, and I’m happy with my console. I think the main reason that I’m happy is because I know exactly what the machine is capable of, and I don’t hold any misconceptions that it has the sort of power and graphics of my 360. However, those in Europe that have seen the recent Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 ads might expect a bit more from their Wii than they should.

Recently EA aired a commercial that shows Tiger Woods swinging a Wiimote while playing his latest game. The entire commercial is centered around the Wii version, and only shows the Wii logo at the end. That’s all good and well except that some eagle-eye viewers noticed that the in-game footage was from the Xbox 360 version, which is obviously better looking than the Wii.

When cornered about the matter, EA stated that there is a disclaimer which states that the game is “available on all formats”. They went on to note that they decided to use Xbox 360 footage because the “Wii footage would not be of broadcast quality”. I love the smell of deception in the morning.


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