Posted by Kat on Mar 31, 2009

Custom WoW plushies make Trolls appear innocent

Alright, this time it’s gone too far, make Mario characters plush, fine.  Not World of Warcraft characters, they’re meant to look bad ass, not squishy.  The person that made them doesn’t even know anything about WoW, she just created this Troll because someone commissioned her to do so.  She could have at least made the Troll slightly more deformed or something.

Let’s face it, the Trolls don’t even look that pretty within the game.  Were it not for the fangs and hair color, this could easily pass as a night elf.  This doll was created for $60, you can go to her site to have her create a custom WoW character to go with any Mario plushies you might own.


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