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Review – Super Mega Worm (iPhone)

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In an earlier post I spoke of a game coming to the App Store for the iPhone entitled Super Mega Worm. I just had a chance to download and play the game from Deceased Pixel, and it was everything I expected, so here’s a review!

From the get-go this game is pretty awesome. It shows an opening video explaining the storyline behind the game, which is actually pretty good. Since the dawn of humans, humanity has played a huge part in sickening the Earth. Now, in the year 2012, the Earth takes her revenge. Unleashing her Super Mega Worm upon humanity, this is Earth’s last defense to get rid of humanity’s disease.

In the beginning you see an egg underground and a button on the right side of the screen says “Break”. You tap to your heart’s content and out pops the baby version of the Super Mega Worm. From this point on it’s total destruction. At the bottom left of the screen is a slider bar which can be slid to the left or right. This serves as steering to control your worm. The button to the right has changed to “Gas” and when you emerge from under the surface it changes again to “Spit”. the aim of the game is to eat/destroy as many humans as possible. You can bounce off cars, planes, and even satellites if you make it up into space. The catch is the meal bar up in the top right of the screen. You will have to keep eating birds, cows, and other lifeforms (eating humans counts) to fill the meal bar. If it reaches zero, your worm will explode and that means a game over.

After every amount of humans has been devoured (it starts at 25 and goes up from there), you will level up, gaining an extra segment to the worm which helps to move faster. Eventually, like you see above, you will get an extra attack called the EMP. What this does is slow down time and your worm screams a barrage of energy beams from its gaping maw. This move is great when surrounded or when in a tight spot as it is a definite crowd control move.

The more you eat at once in this game, the better. You can acquire multipliers for your score, which is always great. Your score is based on what you eat and what multiplier is in place.

As you gain levels, the humans will become more difficult. For instance, when you gain levels the humans go from being wandering farmboys to tactical cops who will drive in with squad cars and shoot at you with pistols when you emerge from the Earth’s crust. Added to this are helicopters and even military support in later levels.

Once the meal bar drops, it’s game over. Then you will get a recorded score and then be forced to start all over again back at beginning level. This can be a bit annoying, especially if you’ve been playing for two hours and you’ve been doing excellent until you noticed you weren’t keeping an eye on your meal bar. You see, spitting your energy beams at humans and animals will help your human kill count and score, but it does not go into your meal bar. Lots of times I’ve found myself catching the bar too late and I would crawl across the surface looking for cows, or anything to eat, but nothing would show. Sometimes I have found that when you really need food, there isn’t any on the surface. At this point you need to try shooting up into the sky to eat birds or what have you to fill the meal bar.

The only real downfalls of this game were the sketchy controls and the easy deaths that you can incur. It took me a bit to get used to the controls because I had the worm doing constant loopty-loops. Once you get the hang of left and right, controlling the worm is easy enough, though it just takes time. My second and final issue with the game was the constant onslaught of death I incurred. I constantly found myself with a low meal bar and nothing to eat. I have yet to master the large jumps into the sky that it takes in order to destroy planes and eat astronauts. Even with all this, just keep in mind these are things it takes some getting used to. I am sure these issues will phase out with enough playtime with the game.

Overall this game is extremely fun. The graphics remind me of some old school Nintendo games which really hits home for me. It also has an amazing sound set, and kept me giggling throughout gameplay with the humans’ screams and the police telling me to halt and whatnot. The game is really addictive as I found myself playing it for hours. It’s a perfect title to take on the go, and it is well worth the price. This is one game I am sure you will download to your iPhone and keep for a long time. With explosions, blood, destruction, and the goal of ending humanity, who wouldn’t love this game?

For $2.99 this game is an excellent buy. If you are looking for fun iPhone games I definitely recommend this game to you. Now get out there and get your grub on!

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