Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 23, 2010

Be A Part Of The New Microsoft Update Program

It appears that Microsoft is putting together a big update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard, and they are looking for a few thousand folks to help them out and test the update.

The new update will provide a new dashboard with ESPN, Netflix searching, Zune music, and other updates that will soon come. If you want to get in on being a part of the group of testers, now is your chance.  All you will need to do is go to the Microsoft Sign Up Page, sign in with the email account attached to your gamertag, fill out a survey, and wait for a response from Microsoft telling you that you’re in!

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson tells us that the preview is open to all Xbox Live members in all regions, although paying gold subscribers are more likely to get chosen versus silver subscribers. Sorry folks. He also stressed that this is not a Kinect beta, so no new hardware will be coming our way.


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