Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 15, 2010

New Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Details

Visceral Games has recently released a new Dead Space 2 multiplayer trailer that is oozing with gory goodness. The new multiplayer mode looks and sounds like a whole lot of fun, and I can’t wait to dive in to the gameplay.

It seems like multiplayer is going to pan out just as we would want it to. The mode highlights on a four-on-four mission-based system. Scott Probst, the game’s Producer explained that “one side will play as the nasty Necromorphs, and the other side will be the Sprawl Security Team. The Necromorphs will include the Pack, the Lurker, the Spitter, and the n00b – the Puker.

The Necromorph squad will be focused on wiping out the security team, while the security team fights to stay alive and complete their objectives. The multiplayer mode will also feature a sort of level up system where players can unlock weapons, suits, weapon upgrades, and Necromorph improvements.

I absolutely can’t wait to test out the new multiplayer mode for Dead Space 2. It looks amazingly horrifying, as you can view below.


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