Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 27, 2010

Dead Rising’s Producer Touches On What Influenced His Zombie Game

Keiji Inafune, Capcom’s major man of the minute, was the producer behind Dead Rising. The game takes its influence from George A. Romero’s movie, Dawn of the Dead, however it wasn’t just the movie that inspired the zombie-infested game.

Inafune stated in a recent interview that Resident Evil 4 was what sparked his creative engine for the title. At some point during development of Resident Evil 4, Inafune took notice that “zombies” could run.

Inafune caught himself asking Shinji Mikami, the mind behind Resident Evil, why the zombies were running. “If I made my own, they wouldn’t be zombies like this,” Inafune remembers thinking to himself.

Of course, we see Inafune’s zombies in the Dead Rising titles as the slow-moving zombies that we have all come to know. Inafune took the idea and ran with it, expanded it, and made it his own. Dead Rising was born, and the game is still simply amazing.


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