Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 9, 2010

The New, New Vegas Patch Will Hopefully Fix A Game That’s Kaputt

Fallout: New Vegas is a pretty fun game, when it’s not glitching or breaking down on you. The only thing is, that happens a lot. We have hope that this comprehensive, new patch due for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 in the “coming weeks” will fix all that is broken.

Of course, there is no firmer timeframe on the patch, so we will have to settle for the “coming weeks” estimate. Several of the game’s issues should be fixed, including “a number of other issues that are being reported.”

In the meantime, PC users who are using NVIDIA hardware will have to continue to suffer from performance issues, but will be getting a separate patch in the next day or two that fixes that issue as well as some save game and companion issues.

Just try and keep it together, players. This is what happens when a game is rushed, and not enough time is given to detail, but Bethesda is working hard to rectify the situation.


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