Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Dec 15, 2010

Functioning NES Coffee Table

We’re all big fans of Mario Bros. right?

Well these guys take the cake I must say. Though this project was specifically designed as a prop for the French movie called “Un Heureux Évènement”, by Rémy Bezançon, it is still utterly amazing! Being both a coffee table with a glass top, and a working controller, this is one serious art project.

They recreated the NES console perfectly, including all lines, letters, and even the paint job has the same glossy finish as the buttons on a real controller. It is built on a perfect 1:10 scale.

Possibly the best thing about all this is that it is for sale. Right now. Think I’m kidding? Go here. The ebay auction just started yesterday and will end on the 21st. You have nine days to gather up a couple thousand, and become one of the most popular people you know. Go!


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