Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 7, 2010

Japanese Gamer Threatened To Kill For Gaming Membership

A fourteen-year-old junior high schooler in Japan threatened to kill after his membership to a mobile gaming website was canceled.

The boy was a member of the popular mobile gaming site “Mobage Town”, but he lost his membership after telling another player to “die”. Sanspo.com reported this, and stated that all this was done while the boy was playing “Kaito Royal”, pictured above.

Mobage Town is extremely popular in Japan, hosting titles such as Shenmue Town, which is a big hit in the mobile gaming world.

Between the months of May and June, the boy sent numerous emails to the site’s company in over approximately twenty instances. He wrote, “I want my membership back at any cost so that I could play games on the site again. I really want to have my membership back. If I’m not allowed to, I will kill five people by the day after tomorrow.”

According to Mainichi Daily News, the minor has been accused of forcible obstruction of a business.

Is mobile gaming that important?


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