Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 27, 2010

My Top Five Favorite Games Of 2010

The 2010 year has been described by some as “the worst year in gaming releases.” I can see where that statement comes from, based off sales numbers, but I also have my own beliefs about that statement. While this year has been what some call a “bust”, there have been a few titles that have arrived on the scene that completely blew me away. Here is a look at my top five favorite video game releases of 2010.

Red Dead Redemption

From the minute I picked up Red Dead, I was hooked. I had played the Grand Theft Auto games before, but I never had much likeness for them. When I picked this game up I was thinking, “Oh, this is gonna be another free roam game where it gets boring quick.” I was so wrong. I immediately fell in love with the graphics, characters, and storyline of Red Dead. I followed John through each mission, felt the struggle he faced, and found it hard to put the controller down. Once I saw the ending of the game, though, things completely changed. I was furious, and almost didn’t want to play anymore. The game was so good that, once it got me into it, I didn’t want to get out.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

I used to play World of Warcraft avidly about a year and a half ago. With the announcement of Cataclysm, the latest expansion to the MMO, my interest was sparked and I decided to take a peek back into what once consumed my being. The game was completely changed, classes were re-mapped, and overall Blizzard made the game more easily accessible to returning/first time players. Leveling is faster, quests are more concise, and with the new races the game has really taken off. I created myself a worgen and I couldn’t get away from my PC. I have a major fascination with werewolf lore, and Blizzard has done an amazing job with weaving the storyline of the worgen into their popular game. With the new changes and easier accessibility, World of Warcraft has changed for the better.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

When we got Black Ops in for review, needless to say I was excited. Ever since the game’s first announcements I had been anxious to try out the new shooter. I didn’t know too much about Treyarch, but they did a good job with marketing the new CoD, and taking something we all knew and turning it on its end. The campaign drew me in like no other I had experienced. I found myself talking about the characters and looking into their stories online. The storyline of the game was magnificent as well. The writers took what we think we know about a crucial time in American history, and they sneakily stitched in some fiction of their own to create a story which causes us to question what we think we know about our country. The multiplayer was completely overhauled, and it was all in good measure. The new multiplayer modes drew me in and actually made me want to play, instead of forcing me to ask myself, “Wow, do I really wanna take all kinds of crap from a video game tonight?” I still play Black Ops right now, and I will for a while.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I saw Scott Pilgrim in theaters not knowing anything about the history it has. I knew not of the comic, the storyline, or the amazing world it contained. Once I did see the movie I was consumed. I enjoyed the idea behind the whole story that love is such a powerful feeling that it compels people into doing literally anything for one another. The vintage video game references, the awesome characters, and the music that followed made the movie and the game such a great must-have for any gamer out there. When I downloaded the game to review, I had no idea that I would still play it months later. I’ve always been a fan of side-scrolling beat-em-ups, since way back in the River City Ransom days. With characters I already knew, a storyline that was familiar, and gameplay that kept me interested, Scott Pilgrim vs The World turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made. The game received an update and DLC that made it even better for all players. It’s a great game for my friends and I to sit down with and enjoy. The soundtrack makes the game extremely energetic and even more interesting to play. Scott Pilgrim vs The World is just an all around great game, and one of my definite favorites.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain. I had heard things, great things about this game, but I had never given it a chance. One night I just decided to check it out and take it home, and I am so glad I did. I will just go ahead and say it: Heavy Rain is quite possibly the best game I have ever played, and I think it is the best game out for the PS3 right now. I have never seen or played another game like it. The characters are so believable, so real that you can’t help but feel like you’re right next to them when you play the game. Heavy Rain’s storyline follows a man named Ethan Mars who loses one of his sons early on in the game. As the game progresses, you set out to discover the identity of a murderer known as the “Origami Killer.” The game is extremely interactive, and before you know it you’re no longer a part of the real world – you’re acting in the world of Heavy Rain. I remember at one point, as I was playing, my character – Ethan at the time – was looking for his son. You could press the “X” button to make him call out his son’s name. He was in a mall, surrounded by shoppers, and his son was nowhere to be found. I kept hitting the “X” button to call out, and little did I know that I was yelling his son’s name at the tv at the same time. That’s how involved Heavy Rain gets its players. The graphics in the game are beautifully rendered, and it’s such a joy to watch. I am so glad I got to play this game, and I really hope more like it are on the way.

All in all this year has had some disappointments, but some stand tall among the wreckage. These are my top favorites, how about yours?

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