Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 14, 2011

Does A Domain Registry Hint Toward A Final Fantasy XIII Sequel?

Internet detective site supererogatpory recently picked up on something very interesting – Square Enix has registered an online website domain under the name FinalFantasy13-2game.com. Could this possibly mean a sequel for the game in the likeness of Final Fantasy X-2?

Domain registrations are far from proof that a game will exist, but given what’s happened in the past, all we can do is assume at this point. If Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released, however, it wouldn’t be too surprising, since the release of Final Fantasy X-2 took place back in 2003.

Final Fantasy XIII does have another game that takes place in its universe, but little is known about the title – Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The latest entry in the console RPG series from Square was definitely hit and miss with fans. Some important aspects of the game were changed, some were completely removed, and others were added.

Is it possible that a sequel could right the game’s wrongs with the fans? Could it become the game we’ve wanted?


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