Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 1, 2011

Devil May Cry Movie Rights Have Been Acquired, Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

It looks like Capcom has done it again with getting the rights to be purchased to make a movie based off of a video games. Screen Gems, the same company that purchased the rights to make the Resident Evil movies, has once again gained some movie making privilege, only this time it’s with Devil May Cry.

Kyle Ward has been hired in to write the script, which is surprising given that his first feature-length film has yet to debut. According to a site called Variety, the movie will feature Dante on a journey to “avenge his mother’s murder by killing off demons.”

Now this film is obviously in the seriously early stages of development, but it’s still hard to tell if it will be based off of the classic Devil May Cry games, or off the reboot that is coming out. Given the company, the movie could be about a totally different Dante all together.

Personally, I didn’t like the Resident Evil movies, and I have refused to go see the latest one. Screen Gems, to me, ripped the series apart and filled it with a bunch of nonsense that I care not to see. I honestly hope they don’t butcher the Devil May Cry series, or Capcom may have some trouble on their hands.


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