Posted by Chris Scott Barr on May 1, 2011

BoilerFrag 2.0

Last Saturday brought us BoilerFrag 2.0, the LAN even brought to us by the Purdue University Gamers Group. While not the largest event you’ll find, it was definitely not the least exciting. Housed in the Purdue Armory, there was quite a bit more space to use than other LANs we’ve attended. This meant there was more room to get up and socialize (and goof off), which really added to the atmosphere.

There were tournaments, prizes, food, a whole lot of gaming (both console and PC), a ton of NOS and even a marriage proposal. Certainly enough to keep everyone entertained. And who could forget our Ugliest Case Contest, sponsored by NZXT. They provided an NZXT Phantom to the person with the ugliest case at the event. The person in second place received an NZXT Sentry LXE, and third place received a shirt from the folks at G8.

A big thanks goes out to both NZXT and G8 Brand for helping to sponsor the event. They provided us with a number of prizes to give out at BoilerFrag, which only served to add to the excitement. Show them some love my liking their Facebook page, and if you are interested in any of their gear, definitely check out their websites.

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