Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 3, 2011

Chrono Trigger Gets Rated By The ESRB For The Wii


Chrono Trigger, perhaps one of the best action-RPGs for the SNES could be looking at a port to a newer console. The ESRB just passed out a rating for the game, hopefully meaning it will see its way over to the Wii’s Virtual Console here in the states. The game has already been announced for the Virtual Console in Japan for about a month now, and this information could mean seeing it cross the waters to North America.

The game received an E10+ by the ESRB for “swords, crossbows, and magic to engage fantastical creatures in turn-based combat; enemies blink and disappear when defeated. One scene depicts characters strapped to small guillotines inside a jail cell; during another sequence, a character sacrifices himself (i.e., turns to dust) to save other members of his party.” Of course we can never say anything is set in stone until it is announced, but having the game rated by the ESRB here usually means we will see it stateside soon.

Versions of the game were also rated for the mobile and PSP platforms, all while neither of them have received an official announcement yet. No announcement on dates has been released about the Virtual Console version of the game either. This August marks the game’s 16-year anniversary, meaning we could see it then. That is still speculation at this point.


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