Posted by Chasity Edens on May 11, 2011

Kinect’s Mirror Dresser Makes Laziness Fun

A clothing store in Moscow called “Top Shop” has inherited an interesting new way for their customers to try out their goods. Why bother time messing up your hair by trying on new clothes, when you can just stand in front of a mirror and let it do the work for you? This is exactly what Top Shop has done.

Through use of the Microsoft Kinect, customers can now see themselves in the mirror, and digitally see the clothes they’re interested in buying on themselves using Kinect technology. Although the 3-D replicas aren’t perfected yet, it’s still an interesting way to attract costumers into their store.

It just shows to prove that technology is getting better as time goes by. Soon we’ll be having holograph examples to flash on our own bodies from the comfort of our own home. Some may consider this a waste of a use of a Kinect, but I personally think it’s a breakthrough to the future.


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