Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 28, 2011

Can’t Wait For The Gears 3 Xbox Bundle, Then Check This Case Mod

Are your pockets burning for the new Gear of War 3-themed Xbox 360 bundle? You’ve still got some time to wait, but if you’re that impatient we have something that just may allow you the early edge on the series, with vault case mod.

Case-making company Calibur11 has this sweet Gears 3 case vault available for $89.99, so it could be the better route for your money. It features a headset rack on the side, an “infected omen” that lights up in four different ways, and sweet graphics that bring your system to life. The only catch is that since it’s a vault, it will only fit the slim models of the 360 system.

If you purchase this extravagant case, you’ll be entered to win a life-size set of Cog armor, which is superbly awesome. You can check out the Gears 3 vault case here, and then make your decision on what to spend that precious green on. What’ll it be folks?


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