Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 22, 2011

Square Enix: A Dragon Quest X Wii U-Compatible Title May Be In The Works

Square Enix held a shareholder meeting recently, during which President Yoichi Wada pointed out that the company was considering a Wii U version of the upcoming Dragon Quest X RPG. A transcript of the proceeding noted that an investor asked Wada if he thought it was the right time, to just make the game for the Wii U instead of the original Wii like they had planned.

Instead of releasing the title only for the new system, Wada stated that the company was in the midst of “technical investigations” dealing with support issues for the Wii U, and that compatibility for both systems must be considered.

In looking at what Square Enix has done in the past, they usually follow the same path. Wait for a high-selling platform to emerge, then release the newest game on that system. It never fails. Though this could be the moment where we see a multiplatform release from the company, which would break the cycle. Either way, we don’t see Sony releasing the game on just the new console.


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