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Halo: Grasslands Novel Coming Out This Fall


Last year, a sequel to the Halo novel Ghosts of Onyx was announced. That sequel now has a name and release date, both of which we have. Entitled Halo: Grasslands, the new novel by Karen Traviss will hit store shelves this coming October 25th.

The novel is being published by Tor Books, the same company who has handled the Halo novels in the past. Tom Doherty, President of the publisher stated, “HALO is one of the grandest, most epic science fiction stories ever told, across media. The Halo novels are one of the most popular and well-loved genre series published this century, and we’re thrilled to have Karen to continue that grand tradition.”

The new book picks right up where Onyx left off, and it includes all of the characters from the last entry. Even 343 Industries had some time with the new novel. Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director at 343 commented on the novel, saying, “Although Karen’s novel deals with the characters and events from ‘Ghosts of Onyx,’ it’s the wonderful new characters and scenarios that she brings so vividly to life that will excite Halo fiction fans. We get an incredible opportunity to explore the Halo universe in the aftermath of the Covenant war, and unveil some mysteries and storylines that will connect readers to a compelling corner of the Halo universe. I can’t wait for readers to enjoy this book as much as we have.” Fans of the series can be ready to grab Halo: Grasslands when it hits this fall.



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