Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 11, 2011

Minireview – Puretrak Talent Mouse Pad

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This past weekend GamerFront got to go to a Summer LAN put on by IU Gaming. We packed all of our gear up as usual, headed down to the location of the LAN, and were greeted by great people and a welcoming environment as usual.  If you’ve ever been to a LAN event, you know how easy it is to find a player who has forgotten to bring their mouse pad. I can even say I was that guy at one time. As we walked through the door I spotted a set of mouse pads that I had never seen before. These new pads were from PureTrak, a new company on the gaming scene. PureTrak offers a range of gaming equipment, though they currently specialize in mouse pads. After talking to a company representative, I was lucky enough to score one of their new Talent mouse pads for myself, and I decided to get a review up about it.

Look and Feel

The first thing I noticed about the PureTrak Talent mouse pad was the packaging in which it came. Unlike other pads that come in cardboard boxes, or flimsy plastic cases, this one came in a tube, which you can see above. The tube literally pops open, and the pad slides right out. It is a great case if you’re a traveling gamer, which is an immediate one-up on other pads out there.

That being said, let’s move on into how the pad itself actually looks and feels. Let me say one thing right off the bat: this mouse pad is huge. I am talking HUGE. It’s unlike any other pad I have seen in my gaming career. It measures 19″ long, by 14″ wide, and the pad itself is .25″ thick. That’s a pretty big mouse pad. The good thing about the Talent’s size, however, because immediately apparent. When I am playing FPS titles I find myself constantly sliding off my mouse pad at home, and it happens more than I’d like to notice when gaming in general. With the Talent, this problem goes away completely. I even played some League of Legends, unlocked the camera, and I never found myself running off the pad. I was even fine when I turned the pad from being horizontal to being vertical.

Moving on from the look of the pad, let’s get straight on to the Talent’s feel. The Talent includes a patented fabric surface that is smooth, yet it provides a grip that’s essential in gaming. My mouse slid easily across the pad, though it never slid freely out of my hand. On top of this, the padded surface provided literally no pain for my wrist. I never had to take a break from gaming because my wrist was bothering me. It provided a nice surface to rest both my hand and fingers while I was in the middle of my gaming.


I played nonstop at this LAN event for roughly eight or so hours, and the Talent provided a great experience for me. I didn’t have to take frequent breaks, I didn’t have to constantly move my mouse pad, and best of all, I didn’t have to pick up my mouse and move it like usual when using a normal pad. The Talent is lightweight, and flexible, so it made for easy setting up and packing away.

The Talent’s slick surface provided easy movements, yet offered precision control when I needed it. There really is no other experience like it on the market right now.


I am extremely glad that I got to check out the Talent mouse pad from PureTrack. It retails at around $25, so it’s not too expensive. With its unique feel and the cylinder tube that makes it great for travel, I strongly recommend this mouse pad to any serious gamers out there. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing what Puretrak brings us in the near future.

The Good

  • slick, comfortable surface
  • great packing case that makes it perfect for travel
  • lightweight and easy to move on the desk
  • nice and big, which alleviates the pain of picking up and moving your mouse

The Bad

  • the size may just be a bit too big for some gamers

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