Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 5, 2011

New 8-Bit Glasses Pixelize Your Wallet’s Funds Away

Just like with everything else that used to be cool, 8-bit items are returning and making quite the fashion statement. We’ve seen 8-bit ties, shirts, and much more all making an appearance on the scene. Now we get to see our world through glorious 8-bit vision with ThinkGeek’s new pair of glasses.

It all started off as an April Fool’s joke, and it took a turn for the unexpected. The 8-bit tie debuted on the scene, and so many people wanted it that the company actually put it into production. Following the tie came watches, and even hair bows.

These glasses you see above come in two styles: a “5dpi” style, which are based on the 1980s Ray-Bans that so many hipsters are fond of. The second is a “6dpi” pair which resembles the glasses all dads would wear back in the 80s. Either pair will set you back $280, so you can kiss your precious coins goodbye on this purchase. You can check them out on their official page, and get a pair for yourself. Personally, we’re going to wait for those 8-bit v-necks. That’s what’s happenin’.


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