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For those who play, Grifball is more than a game. It can be a stress reliever or stress inducer depending on the seriousness of your play style. I remember the first time I played, at the end of my first game I was thinking “This is dumb I’m never doing this again!” then about a week later a friend coerced me to play again, then I was hooked. That’s the way it goes for most players, first time stinks, second or third time they love it. Grifball has now become the only Halo Reach playlist that never gets me that upset, however some people become infuriated with the game… it’s all in the way you play.

The term Grifball first popped up a few years back in an episode of Red Vs. Blue, when Sarge says “this is the best game since Grifball.” About three years later the sport emerged, and not long after that was made into a Halo Reach matchmaking playlist. So what is Griffball exactly, well first let me explain it in the simplest way I can. It is a game type in Halo where there are two teams of four and you have a sword and a giant hammer and are trying to run a ball that explodes on touchdown into a goal, now for the more in depth explanation. Grifball Is a variant of the Assault game type in which you have two teams of four, with each player armed with a gravity hammer and an energy sword. Upon game start, the ball (bomb) is in the middle of the court and each team an equal distance away, much like dodge ball. The object of the game is to get the ball, and run it into the opposing team’s goal without getting killed by the opposing team (Or in most cases betrayed by your own team). When you pick up the ball you become orange, like the Red vs. Blue character Grif, hence the name Grifball.

Grifball has become a Halo phenomenon; there is the Grifball league of America (GLA), which has teams, divisions, matches and even playoffs. With thousands of players in Grifball matchmaking online at any given time, and over 4700 registered players with the GLA, coupled with the pure fun of playing there is no sign of Grifball popularity declining anytime soon


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