Posted by Braxton Colongione on Sep 19, 2011

N64 Handheld

Console hardware modding is one of the many ways gamers personalize their equipment. From console vaults to controller adaptations, the possibilities are endless. I have seen a few consoles turned into handhelds but this is the first N64 I have seen.

Over at slightlywarped.com there is a set of images showing how they turned a N64 into a great looking handheld. There are over thirty images showing how it was done without going into extreme unnecessary detail. This is most definitely not a tutorial but just sort of a “hey look at this”. The handheld looks very well done and as small as possible, it even looks to be powered by battery.

I love it when gamers mix things up a bit and put their own twist on games and hardware. I say excellent job on this, and kudos for playing Golden Eye with it. Make sure to check out the link to see all the images, I doubt you will be disappointed.


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