Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 29, 2011

Wall-Mounted Game & Watch

We love hand held consoles because we can take them with us anywhere. Whether you’re on your way to class, waiting for a meeting to start, or just looking to kick back, portable video games are there by your side. Sometimes though, you have to wonder what it would look like if you took a hand held game, and made it so large that your finger isn’t even a tenth the size of one of the buttons.

Well wonder no more as this giant Game and Watch was made by Tobie Nortje for the reception area of 21tanks. This company basically sells perspective, and by that I mean helping businesses and companies see problems from a different angle. Seeing as they sell a different perspective, this is an excellent piece to go up in that kind of office space, as your perspective would be forever changed by feeling small playing on a hand held gaming device.

This awesome recreation of a Game and Watch is fully functional, although a little bit hard to use as it takes more force to mash the buttons. If you’re wondering how it works, there is a computer monitor embedded in an oversized case, with the giant buttons that are connected to an Arduino control board. Signals bounce back and forth from the controls to the PC, and users can play any games from this classic platform.



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