Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 20, 2011

Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of Mojang With The Making Of Scrolls

Mojang has managed to stay in the spotlight for some time now. With the release and constant updating of Minecraft, and the recent court issues over their new title Scrolls, the developer is definitely not sitting on the bench. Mojang has just been granted the ability to use their planned name for Scrolls, and all processes are running at full speed.

2 Player Productions, the same entity responsible for working on the documentary about Mojang, has begun work on another project, this time more focused on the new title at hand. The video below is a snippet of the new project, and takes us behind the scenes at the studio, focusing on the making of Scrolls. We meet the development team, learn where the game has come from, and see what plans are set in stone for the future of the game.

There isn’t much of the game itself in the footage, some of it makes a debut, which is more than we’ve seen so far. We actually see some of the game in action, though it’s not entirely that much. I think the part to watch out for in the video is the testimony of the developers who work in the studio. It’s interesting to hear their perspectives on the industry and making games in general. Take some time to check out the video below.


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