Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 2, 2011

New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Is Just Confusing

A new trailer for the new Resident Evil Revelations title has just released, and while looking really cool, it’s left a lot of fans sitting in confusion. The trailer visits the already-intertwined plot situations that have shown up in the storyline. These elements – the bioterrorism, government coverups, and the like – are shown to us like normal, though it’s through the eyes of the game’s main characters, Jessica Sherwat and Parker Luciani.

The two agents are investigating a bioterrorist attack on the floating city of Terragrigia on behalf of the Bioterrorism Security Assesment Alliance. For all intents and purposes, this is all we know. The images and flashes of other characters, narration, and scenery all come together to leave us all with questions waiting to be asked. Who are these people? Why do they have funny haircuts?

The one thing to pick up from the trailer, though, is the fact that it boasts some amazing visuals. Revelations looks like it will be one handheld title that will be able to fully stand beside its console counterparts. While it raises some brows for the confusing storyline, it raises others even higher for its amazing look. Check it out below.


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