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Review – GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (Xbox 360)

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As many gamers have seen, games are being remastered or reimaged to fit into the current style of games today.  Great games like God of War and the original Halo have been done and another great game that was once great to play and still is by many gamers is GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. With the Wii’s release of GoldenEye last year, it has since been upgraded with the graphics along with extra game modes to enjoy.


Rather than starring the James Bond of the original, Pierce Brosnan, this reimaged edition stars our current day Bond, Daniel Craig.  And with that, the game’s story has also been changed to take place after Daniel Craig’s movie, Quantum of Solace while still making references back to the original GoldenEye. The story is very much, as a whole, a James Bond story.  You’re a spy sent on a mission to infiltrate a Russian base with your fellow spy, 006.

I don’t want to diverge too much into the story, as saying more than what I already have will just give it away.  But look at it this way, if you’ve seen a few James Bond movies or played the original GoldenEye for that matter, you’ll know how it goes.  As I said, it is very much a traditional Bond story.


My thoughts on the gameplay are that overall was disappointing.  The style of the game was still very much from the N64 era despite the fact that this game is supposed to be a reimaged / remastered game to fit with today’s current games.

The problem that came down most to me is the fact that when you shoot, every gun is virtually the same.  There is no need to aim as hip-firing is just as accurate as looking down the crosshairs.  On top of that, none of the guns have any kickback or recoil.  I can just stare someone down with one of my assault rifles or heavier guns and my aimer doesn’t even budge an inch.  As someone who has played current day shooters like the Call of Duty series or Battlefield 3, this game leaves a lot to be desired.

But wait, it wouldn’t be fair to compare a game like GoldenEye to other games like the ones mentioned but as a current day gamer, playing a lot of games from the past leaves something to be desired when they are “remastered” or “reimaged”.

Otherwise, the controls in the game are fairly simple and easy to use and it doesn’t give me any issues to dislike overall.  As a whole, the games controls are fine despite the lack of a challenge when shooting a gun.


The multiplayer mode is basically, in what I feel, to be similar to Call of Duty with James Bond, even a fellow friend had to say that, as well.  Which isn’t much of a surprise as Activision was part of this game’s making.  Aside from the lack of a challenge using the gun, overall, it isn’t that bad to play and can be fun to do.

However, unfortunately, I had to try hour after hour for what seemed to be about two days before I could get a match going because it seems like there aren’t really any gamers out there playing online.  Which, I can understand because with better games out there, I can see why one wouldn’t really be trying this game out any time soon.


I don’t know, I guess as a current day gamer, I do find myself at times going back to the classic games and enjoying them. But when they decide to remaster or reimage a game, I do keep expectations of it not only being updated graphics wise but also updating the gameplay and controls to keep up with the current games. Otherwise, the classic is perfect as it is, because that is how we played it when it first game out.

The game in its entirety is not that bad of a game to play.  It isn’t the original and I wished that they had just given it its own name because calling it a remastered edition but changing the story line makes me feel like it could have held a better stance in the gaming world; James Bond can easily have been made into a different game. Overall, it is still a decent game to play.

The Good

  • Very much an interactive James Bond story with a 007 story line.
  • A different story so it feels like a new experience.

The Bad

  • No difference between hip-fire and aimed accuracy
  • No recoil when shooting
  • Despite being “reimaged”, the graphic still lack quality.

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