Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Dec 19, 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic Copies Missing Registration Codes

The time is almost upon us! Star Wars The Old Republic will be going full swing tomorrow on it’s official launch date. While early access has already begun, some online retailers have already started shipping copies so customers can have their codes at the ready. There’s only one problem; not all of the games had registration codes.

There have been a number of complaints from those who have purchased the collector’s edition. They have found that there are not only no numbers on the registration cards, but some copies seem to be without the game disc as well. There is a two-day grace period, but once that expires, players will be forced to wait until their situation is resolved to play again.

Even though the technical aspects of the game are running rather well, it seems that there were some things overlooked in production. While that is utterly horrifying, things will get solved eventually. Well, hopefully, that is. In the meantime, if you are experiencing a problem such as this, there were instructions posted in the swtor forums on how to address this issue.

Thank you very much for your patience.

In order to best assist you, we ask that you please send a request in game ticket or an e-mail to support@swtor.com with the subject missing product key.

Please make sure you include as many details as possible and a list of the item missing, product code or anything else.
Make sure, you include missing product key in the subject please and in the message itself.
Please use the exact same subject as displayed; this is a very important point.

If you have already sent an in game ticket, please try to update the subject and the message, or if you cannot, please create another one.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your patience.Three times a charm, right?


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