Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 4, 2012

Will Dancing Get You Banned From The Old Republic?

Yesterday we brought you news that Bioware was banning players of The Old Republic for exploiting loot containers on Ilum. Now it would seem there is another exploit that could potentially earn you a suspension from the game.

If you were in the middle of a fight and your opponent broke out into dance, you might spend a short moment wondering if you were in a Disney movie, and then resume what you were doing. However, it appears that if you /getdown when tackling an enemy in TOR, they will more or less ignore you. As you can see in the video below, your companion can even continue their assault until the NPC has been killed.

What’s interesting is that according to one Redditor, this may get you banned from the game. I’m pretty sure that the email that they refer to is fake (you can see it above). Why? Something about special ‘Dance Zones’ just screams sarcasm. Add that to the username SuperFreakDancer, and you’ve got yourself the ingredients for a parody email, no doubt in response to the earlier ones sent from Bioware.

Despite my feelings that this email is fake, I would caution anyone attempting to use the exploit. Since you are exploiting a bug in the game, it is possible that it could have consequences. And if everyone is dancing when they shouldn’t be, we could see far-reaching consequences that even Kevin Bacon couldn’t save us from.


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