Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 11, 2012

Square Enix Relocating Office Based On Fortune Teller’s Advice

It looks like Square Enix, the master of the RPG genre, will be moving their main headquarters to a building in the East Side Square of Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward that’s still under construction. Their current location is in a different part of Shinjuku, and this summer they’ll leave it for good.

Why the sudden move you ask? Well, it’s a humorous story actually. According to former composer for the company Nobuo Uematsu, the move has been fueled all by the advice of a fortune teller named Pao. I promise we’re not making this up.

“Wada [Square Enix CEO and President] took a couple of locations to a fortune teller named Pao. Pao said the Meguro space was not going to bring any fortune to the company, and pointed to Shinjuku. That’s why he decided to move it there. I heard this directly from Wada.”

In summation, that’s just weird. Basing an entire move off of a fortune teller’s prediction? This Pao guy must really know his stuff. Let’s hope Wada is making a good move here, and we wish Square the best with the move.


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